Our production sites

Our first site in Cameroon

NetZero's first full-scale site is located in Nkongsamba, in the Littoral region of Cameroon.

It sits next to Synergie Nord Sud (SNS), Cameroon's largest coffee-processing plant, who's owner is one of NetZero's co-founders. This ideal location gives NetZero a direct access to coffee husks, an abundant waste product of coffee transformation. It also gives NetZero a one-of-a-kind platform to distribute the biochar to small coffee growers that supply SNS.

Its production capacity is around 2,000 tonnes of biochar per year.

A picture of coffee husks.

Upcoming sites in 2022

Following the announcement we made with the government of Cameroon at COP26, we will open a second site in Cameroon before the end of the year.

In parallel, we will open another site in a new country to demonstrate the global potential of our model.

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