Our ESG commitments

ESG at NetZero

Following best-in-class Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) standards is at the heart of NetZero's mission, business model, and culture.

NetZero's environmental and social action plan has been built around the IFC Performance Standards on Environmental and Social Sustainability, the world's reference framework for corporate ESG and health and safety action.

Compliance with these requirements is monitored by NetZero's ESG Committee, composed of several professionals with decade-long experience in ESG and sustainability.

Our ESG policies

Speak up

To ensure that all stakeholders can share feedback, concerns, issues, or signal violations of our policies or of the law, NetZero offers an anonymous canal to receive these reports.

Messages sent through this canal are examined and sorted by an independent company, then processed by NetZero. For the most serious cases of violations, messages are directly forwarded to a non-executive Board member of NetZero, who is in charge of independently and confidentially investigating the matter.

To be noted that this canal is meant specifically for ESG topics and is not to be used for commercial or after-sale inquiries.