For climate and people, now.

About NetZero

NetZero's mission is to bring biochar at scale in the tropics – for climate and people, now.

Biochar is essentially solid atmospheric carbon extracted from plant residues and buried in the soil. It is a scientifically proven way to perform high-permanence carbon removal from the atmosphere while durably improving soil quality, allowing for higher yields and lower fertiliser use in agriculture.

Our unique model makes biochar affordable for farmers, helps companies neutralise their unavoidable emissions, and co-generates renewable energy – all at once.

NetZero is a two-time winner of Musk Foundation's XPRIZE Carbon Removal competition, a recipient of the Efficient Solution label from Solar Impulse Foundation, a Green Tech prize winner of the Tech for Good Awards, and develops carbon removal projects certified under the Puro Standard.

NetZero simultaneously tackles 3 pressing challenges


Fighting climate change

  • High-permanence, measurable, and certified carbon removal
  • Avoided greenhouse gas emissions as co-benefits

Enabling sustainable agriculture

  • Reduced use of synthetic fertilisers
  • Increased crop yields
  • Sustainable disposal of crop residues

Fostering rural development

  • Increased income for farmers
  • Creation of well-paid, industrial jobs
  • Co-generation of renewable energy

Our business commitments

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